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released July 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Sian Sanderson & The Charm Offensive UK

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Track Name: Some Kind Of Fool
Baby, didn't I give you everything?
Opened my heart, let you all the way in.
Trusted you, body and soul,
Whoever knew that you could be so cold?
Baby, tell me - didn't I love you right?
Wasn't that my name you were calling every night?
Maybe I misheard when you told me
That there ain't nowhere else you'd ever want to be.

You gotta be some kind of fool
To walk away from a love so good.
And you gotta be some kind of heartless
When I ain't done a thing to deserve this.
You gotta be some kind of fool
To hurt a girl that's so good to you.
And if you think I'll just take it,
You're sorely mistaken -
I'll never be a fool for you.

You may not see it, may not know it yet
But one day soon, you're gonna miss me, I bet.
She'll never love you the way I can -
You thought she could? You better think again.
You said you'd never break my heart but
You got manipulation down to an art.
I put my trust where it never should be
And you put your lust before L-O-V-E.


Well, I never should have fallen so hard
But you can't just play with my heart that way.
So don't you think that I'll be falling apart.
No matter what you might say, you haven't won this game..

Track Name: No Sweeter Love
Baby I know you been hurt before,
But I ain't gonna cause you no pain.
If you let me love you, I swear
I'll do all that I can to make you smile again.

'Cos there is no sweeter love
Than the one I've been saving for you.
And if you just open up,
I swear that I'll be true.

Just close the door, come sit and talk to me.
We can go at your pace.. We ain't gotta rush.
You already know that I'll love you endlessly,
But if I'm wasting my time, then you gotta tell me to my face.

But I tell you there ain't no sweeter love
Than the one I've been saving for you.
And if you just open up,
I swear that I'll be true.
Track Name: Write Your Wrongs
This is where I gotta lay down my pride (and speak on it)
This is where I gotta open my eyes, and my mind (if I want it)
'Cos I've been living blind for all this time,
And the moment has come to set a few things right.
I reached my twenty-first year and I don't feel no different,
Still beaten by the same fear; can't get it out of my system.
And I'm still selfish, and I'm too hard,
I'm too reckless, don't play the right cards.
But one day, I'll get it right;
Until then, I've just got to try.

When everything I've learned goes out the door
And I swear that I can't do this anymore,
I remind myself what I'm living for
And pour my heart out on to the score.

I can't make it right, but I can put it down in words,
I promise I'll try to be a better girl.
I can't make it right, I can't erase all the hurt.
Lord knows, I try - if you stay by my side,
I'll do it different this time.

I keep my eyes to the sky but no stars align.
It could be karma, it might be fate,
Or I'm just born under a bad sign
And I might be hopeless, but I keep faith
Even when all vision is misplaced.
And I won't wait till it's too late
To turn the tide on my mistakes.

They say that when it rains, it's gonna pour,
But I always find my way back to shore.